Which Paint Should I Buy?

Which Paint Should I Buy?

I can’t tell you what to buy of course, but I can tell you which paints I buy and which paint types I avoid, based upon my experience of the product.

1. If a MATT WHITE is required for the painting of a ceiling, I ALWAYS use Dulux Matt White. It is available in large tubs at most DIY shops i.e. B&Q.

Why do I use it? Because it provides excellent coverage, often requiring just one coat to do the job on a ceiling that is already white.

I really would not consider any other brand. Even if the customer was providing the paint, I would still arrive with Dulux Matt for the ceiling.

2. For woodwork I use ONE COAT SATIN or GLOSS. Dulux is the best brand. One coat may not provide good coverage everywhere but if you use ONE COAT paint products, you will rarely have to apply a third coat.

I NEVER use the water based, quick dry versions of satin/gloss. (UNLESS the gloss or satinwood to be applied is WHITE – go here to find out why.)

Why not? Because it will take several coats to produce a decent finish. Painting the same door five times wears a bit thin.

3. I would never purchase ONE COAT EMULSION for walls or ceilings, of any brand.

Why not? Because I have never used a One Coat Emulsion that did not require a second coat – one particular brand of ONE COAT required THREE coats to provide coverage.

4. Tip: Only purchase ONE COAT EMULSION for walls and ceilings if it is either, the same price as regular emulsion or, the colour you want is only available in ONE COAT.

Why? Because One Coat emulsion requires more than one coat in my experience.

5. Kitchen specific paint does not provide good coverage when compared to the same colour in the non-kitchen specific range.

The additives used to prevent mould have an effect on the quality of the coverage – buy twice as much paint as you would normally expect to use.

Only use kitchen specific brands of paint if your kitchen has a known condensation problem. If not, it really doesn’t matter which type of paint you use.

Bathroom Paint: Same as above.

6. Dulux is the best paint brand with Crown a close second.

Cheaper brands are a false economy because more coats are required to acheive a good result.


If you have any queries regarding paint types, please send a message and I’ll add it to the list.



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