White Gloss That Does Not Stay White!

White Gloss That Does Not Stay White!

In another post here I stated that I *always use One Coat Gloss or Satinwood on woodwork because it provides excellent coverage that will not require several coats, thus saving time.

There is a drawback to this and here it is:

One Coat is oil based and due to EU regulations on composition, oil based white paints will no longer remain white for very long.

They will start to turn off-white within months.

It does not matter which brand of oil based paint you use or how much you spend, none of them will retain their whiteness.


The answer is to use water based gloss or satinwood. Water based paint retains its whiteness for years – as long as you would expect before redecorating.

How can you tell which paints are oil based and which are water based?

  • All ‘One Coat’ gloss or satinwood paints are oil based.
  • All ‘Quick Dry’ gloss or satinwood paints are water based.

In between those two types of paint there are tins of gloss/satinwood that do not describe themselves as either One Coat or Quick Dry so how can you tell what their composition is?

Check the back of the tin.

  • If it advises you to clean brushes with brush cleaner or white spirit, it is oil based.
  • If it advises you to clean brushes with water, it is water based.

Some manufacturers – after dealing with a great deal of complaints – have cottoned onto the fact that it is annoying to have your newly painted woodwork start to yellow within months of painting (!) and have started to write on the tin phrases such as, ‘Stays white for longer’.

However, to be absolutely certain that you are buying the right paint, check the cleaning instructions.

Happy painting!


*So, when I wrote that I ‘always’ use One Coat it depends upon the situation. I have to consider things such as ‘If I paint this door white and it stays bright white, it will stick out like a sore thumb next to the other doors which the customer is not having painted at this time.’ Or, ‘The customer has white walls etc. therefore water based paint must be used because it will maintain whiteness for longer.’


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