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4 Responses

  1. Hi Jack

    Great site, just got the information i wanted.
    I think

    i have had some walls plastered. like a muppet i put silk on the walls. It may start peeling but i have my fingers crossed.

    i did water the silk down about 10% so it was quite thin.
    and i used a sprayer,

    However i have been told i should have put on a base matt coat that was watered down.

    • Hello Pav,

      Yes, a base matt coat is what newly plastered walls need or watered down matt paint.

      If the walls are still without their finish colour then it wouldn’t be too late to give them a light sanding and then apply a sloppy mix of watered down matt.

      Good luck!

      Best regards,

  2. Hi what a great find this was.. having a mare of bubbles and paint lifting right stripped back and putting a watered down coat on first..yer its silk and i want it matt dont think the old owners watered down onto new plastered scared to do the other sand the silk wall well then paint as normal or still use a watered down coat