In Brief

Below is a brief excerpt from our Terms & Conditions. Our full Terms and Conditions are provided when we send you your invoice prior to commencing work. Payment of your deposit constitutes acceptance of our Terms.

Our Terms

  • When we provide a quote for a job it will be based upon the work detailed by the client during the site visit.
  • Our quote will calculate the approximate cost of materials and a timescale for the project.
  • We have the right to amend our quote if there are additional unforeseen costs related to carrying out the work. For example, if there isn’t any parking available at the premises to be decorated thus we incur parking fees that we would not normally be paying.
  • The timescale for the project is our estimate based upon us being able to carry out the work uninterrupted. We can of course adjust the timescale if the client has other trades or commitments to manage.


To avoid misunderstandings please read carefully…

  • Small projects or projects that will be completed within a day require payment in full at the end of the project.
  • Large projects of several days duration that require a large expenditure on materials in order to carry out the work, will require an upfront payment of usually 50% (again, depends upon the scale of the project) to enable work to start.
  • Payments on large projects may be required in stages at request until the project is completed.
  • Large projects will not commence until the initial 50% payment has been received.
  • Payments may be made through direct online banking, PayPal or cash. Details of which will be on your invoice.
  • Cheques are only acceptable if they are allowed time to clear banking before the project is due to commence – please take this into consideration when managing your timescale.
  • Cheques are not acceptable on the final day of a project.