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Painting on New Plaster – Painting on Wet Plaster?

Painting on New Plaster – Painting on Wet Plaster?


Do NOTHING until you have read this post!

Plasterers, I love them. They transform ‘orrible pock marked surfaces into lovely, smooth, blank canvases for me to paint or paper and the finish will be gorgeous because of their excellent work.


Why therefore, would anyone, take the plasterer’s dreamily smooth surface and ruin it by painting on it before it is dry? Or just as bad, papering over it before applying a basecoat?

Why would anyone do that, expecially after paying the plasterer to provide a lovely new surface to decorate?

Why, indeed.

Patience Pays

If you are wondering whether or not you can paint on wet plaster or whether you really do HAVE to wait weeks for it to throroughly dry out, then ofcourse the answer is no, you don’t HAVE to. There isn’t a law or anything. But there ought to be.

Painting or wallpapering over plaster that has not had several weeks to dry properly is a big mistake. HUGE.

By doing so you are storing up problems for the future which will result in your lovely smooth surface looking hideous.

I have written numerous posts describing what happens if you work on plaster too soon and problems caused by decorating on wet/damp plaster account for 99% of my mailbox.

It really isn’t worth the time saved.

Painting on New Plaster – Painting on Wet Plaster?

Here is the Law according to PainterJack:

  • Painting or any type of decorating on wet plaster – under 2 weeks old – don’t. Just don’t do it.
  • Decorating on damp plaster – 2-7 weeks old. Don’t do it. If you absolutely must because you have a time issue then you HAVE to prepare the plaster correctly prior to decorating. See this post.
  • Decorating plaster that is over 7 weeks old – in winter allow 10 weeks drying – yes, decorate. Prepare the bare plaster with a sloppy mix of water and matt white paint. Must be MATT. Apply two coats and allow to dry thorougly.
  • Only after you have base coated your plaster should you consider applying decoration to the surface.

Thank you.

Happy Decorating!