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Painting & Decorating Quotes

Painting & Decorating Quotes

When requesting quotes for decorating work make sure that every aspect of the job is detailed.

  • Consider how much preparation is going to be required. Filling and sanding?
  • Which brand of paint do you want the decorator to use? Paint costs vary hugely.
  • Is it a big job that you want completed quickly?
  • Is primer required?
  • Do you want a cheap quick job done or a more expensive professional job?

The last point is probably the most pertinent.

Cheap means exactly that. It means that the decorator will work to the value of the quote. They won’t be able to purchase quality materials to complete the job and they will be seeking to complete the job as quickly as possible because they are not being paid enough for the hours it will take to produce a professional job.

Decorators want to produce a professional finish. There is nothing worse than being hampered in that aim by a lack of funds.

So, what to do?

  1. Ask a decorator to provide you with 2 quotes.  One using a cheap range of paint with limited preparation and the other an expensive range of paint plus all the materials they think they will require to complete the job to a professional finish.
  2. Detail exactly what you want included within the quote to ensure you gain the best end result.
  3. Ask how many people will be working on your job. Staff costs can add £££’s to a quote so find out how many people you are employing.