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Decorating a Staircase

Decorating a Staircase

Decorating a staircase is not easy. It takes longer than decorating a room. It’s an inconvenience to do because generally you can’t avoid using the stairs while they are being decorated. Most DIY’ers give up before the job is finished or don’t bother starting in the first place!

Then there is the height to consider. Whether you are good with heights or not decorating a staircase involves heights in a confined space.

The amount of wallpaper required will be double what you might imagine as some drops will be double height.

A room needs to be available for pasting and cutting of paper.

The ladders/platform equipment needed to reach all areas will in itself restrict access to the actual walls to be decorated.

In short, staircases are AWKWARD!

So if you are doing it yourself, get organised and give yourself time to do the job – don’t rush it or you may not get the job done in the way you wanted.

If you are enlisting the services of a decorator, don’t expect the job to be done in a day but do expect it to be completed!